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Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Ingredients for cooking kosher gourmet food with this kosher recipe:

Kosher meats:

Veal, veal stuffing, fish, chicken and chicken fat.

 Spices and sauces for kosher meal:

Vegetable oil, some water, white wine, pepper, bouillon, lemon juice, other spices, pistachio nuts and herbs.

 Vegetable kosher products:

Onion, greens, lentils, tomatoes, peas, corn, potatoes,  

Rice, pasta.

 Cooking kosher gourmet food:

Put veal bones, head, spine and tail of the fish, chopped greens in a saucepan and cook meat and kosher fish over low heat.

 In a deep pan melt some kosher chicken fat with vegetable oil and fry the chicken, cut into small pieces, in this mixture. Pour a little water and some white kosher wine. Stew until ready.

 Cook the lentils. Peel and chop the tomatoes. Stew sliced pieces of kosher fish and cover with fresh lemon juice for 10 minutes.

 Cut meat into small pieces and fry until it turns brown, add water and stew the kosher meal until ready.

 Then fry the diced onions and peppers and a head of garlic, divided into cloves. Add rice, put in a saucepan and stew for five minutes on low heat. Add some bouillon, and when the rice swells, add some more, also add lentils (which should be pre-cooked) and chopped and peeled tomatoes, pieces of kosher fish (previously fried and put into lemon juice), and kosher meat.

 After 10 minutes add some peas, chicken, boiled seeds of corn, boiled potatoes, chopped into cubes, some cooked pasta, veal stuffing, add spices and put the kosher meal in the oven to sit for 10 minutes.

 Sprinkle with pistachio nuts, chopped herbs and serve the kosher meal in a beautiful dish.

 With such Jewish cooking recipes keeping kosher has become easy!

 Symbolism of this Jewish kosher food:

This kosher dish is a symbol of Jewish people that live all over the world and Jews from different countries and different areas of each country have their own traditions and tastes. Paella is a perfect dish, which can combine lots of different foods and products and has a great taste.

 So as symbols of different ethnic groups of Jewish people we can name fish for Polish Jews, pistachio nuts for Turkish Jews, potatoes for Jews Slavic countries, pasta for Italian Jews, sweet pepper and tomatoes for Jews from Bulgaria, corn – Romanian Jews, wine for Jews from France and so on.

 Keeping kosher is an important Jewish tradition. You can also find a product that will be a symbol of the area, where you live and add it to your Paella and make the taste of kosher gourmet food even better!


Friday, September 25th, 2009

As a start of this kosher chicken recipe, let us list the ingredients for kosher chicken:

–       Chicken (or better cock) with about 1kg of weight

–       Veal tongue

–       400g of onion

–       8-9 big mushrooms

–       2 spoons of olive oil

–       About 100g of cognac

–       1 bottle of wine

–       3 branches of thyme

–       1 bay leaf

–       1 garlic clove

–       2 spoons of flour

–       1 spoon of sugar

–       50g of nuts

–       Salt and pepper


Cooking kosher chicken:

To start kosher cooking, boil and cut the veal tongue.

 Chicken is one of the main kosher products. Cut chicken into 8 pieces, fry in a pan, then remove from the pan and put in a different dish.

 Divide onion into two equal piles, and then cut each onion into 4 pieces. Fry the onions and put them into the pan, where chicken was fried.

 Chop the mushrooms and add to the pan. Chop the garlic and add to the pan with onions and mushrooms. Put fried chicken on top, sprinkle with flour, spices and add the remaining of onion, then pour some brandy, mix the kosher meal well and put to stew on small fire for 10 minutes.

 After frying the kosher chicken, add some wine, salt, sugar and pepper and stew for another 45 minutes. Then pull out parts of chicken and put on the sliced tongue. Evaporate half of the sauce and put the chicken on the veal tongue.

 Enjoy eating kosher food!

Kosher Recipes

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Kosher Recipes

Kosher breakfast and kosher breakfast items

Monday, September 14th, 2009

A nicely cooked kosher breakfast is the best way to start your day because this is the fuel that carries you around, literally, for the entire day. No wonder they say that your breakfast is the most important meal of your day so you should never take it lightly.

With a dedicated assortment of dietary precepts the ancient and wise Jews wanted to make sure that the kosher breakfast you have gives you not only nourishment, but also protection from pollutants that are present in naturally appearing foods. (more…)

Kids and children kosher foods

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Are you worried whether your kids are getting kosher food at school or at places children often frequent? There are certain restaurants and food joints that either sell kosher foods exclusively or offer them as an option, but you do often have to make an extra effort to make sure you kids have healthy kosher food on a regular basis.

A great thing about kosher food is that it automatically turns your food healthy, and this is especially good for small children and young adults. Kids are more prone to getting infections and they can get lots of infections through non-vegetarian foods. Kosher food in itself makes sure the meat your children have is without infections and toxins. In kosher meat blood is completely drained out within 72 hours of the slaughtering and even the remaining traces are removed using special procedures. Blood is supposed to carry the soul of the slaughtered animal but even if you ignore this “spiritual” effect, lots of diseases are present in the blood.

Another requisite for kosher meat is that the animal is killed with minimum pain, so when your kids get the meat, it does not carry the toxins that are produced in traumatized animals.

Then there are many combinations that don’t go well if taken together. It’s not kosher to consume dairy products and meat products at the same time.

But children, of course, have different tastes and since they are always in a hurry, and spend most of the time outdoors, making sure they consume healthy kosher food can often be a challenging task. There are many packaged food providers that supply kosher foods and the packets carry a big K. Children too can have kosher burgers, pizzas and hotdogs. You can also prepare sandwiches and salads having kosher meat, fruits or vegetables. Most fruits and vegetables are kosher so you can safely provide juices and other fruit and vegetable based beverages. Just make sure you don’t mix things like milk, curd, butter or ice cream with meat products.

Healthy kosher food

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Kosher food in itself is healthy because the dietary rules mentioned in the keshrut were laid down to make your food fit to eat and in fact kosher stands for quality, purity, wholesomeness and truth. The kosher guidelines make sure that you consume food devoid of diseases and toxins, whether you eat meat, vegetables or dairy products.

Take for instance non-vegetarian food products. The animals, in order for them to be healthy kosher food, have to be slaughtered in the most humane manner causing minimum pain. Great amounts of toxins are released into the meat when the animals go through extreme pain and trauma while they are being slaughtered. Since lots of toxins and diseases may be present in the blood of the slaughtered animal, it is completely drained out before the meat is considered fit for eating. Similarly, animals that eat other dead animals and scavenge are not considered kosher animals and neither are animals who were injured or who were sick before they were slaughtered.

Dairy products and meat products generally don’t go well with each other and that is why while having a kosher meal you should avoid having dairy products and meat products at the same time.

When you purchase packaged kosher food it is prepared strictly according to the keshrut guidelines so even packaged kosher food is quite healthy to eat.

But then, are all kosher foods healthy? Some of them are not. For instance, cheesecake is kosher, and so can be the fat-laden mutton stew, but they are both unhealthy for regular consumptions.

Like any other food, you can prepare healthy kosher foods by roasting instead of frying, losing less fat and sugar, reducing the consumption of red meat, eating more fruits and vegetables at regular intervals and eating animals that are healthy, not old, and have been eating good, supervised food. A healthy helping of fruits, vegetables, natural and unprocessed grains, fish, dairy, meat and other foods that are low on fats and high on fibers is an ideal kosher food.

The-Feedbag Visits Park East Kosher, Passover 2009

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

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Thursday, September 3rd, 2009